Real Estate Software

ERP is a web-based Real Estate ERP software solution that provides the construction businesses with complete project management, document and record management, scheduling, searching functionality and workflow. Its centralized repository enables users to collect, analyze, manipulate and annotate documents from virtually wherever they are located. This allows decision makers from the CEO to the subcontractors to eliminate the whiteboards, file folders, and spreadsheets they use for managing their schedules, and the details about all of their jobs.

So whether you are the main contractor or a specialist trade contractor, an architect, surveyor, project manager, consulting engineer, a maintenance contractor or house builder, we have just the solution to meet your specific requirements.

Construction Contracting ERP

Our broad spectrum of modules – includes a fully integrated Accounting System, Service Management, Inventory Management, Advanced Job Management, Proposals, Purchase Orders, Estimating, and also our unique Project Manager module, which enables us to package our software to meet the diverse needs of your contracting business.

ERP enables faster decision making through real-time business intelligence. Dot Net framework has been used for the development of this ERP system that is designed for construction companies to ensure optimal usability and extended flexibility. With our modular solutions, you can assemble a fully integrated system that saves precious time & money that helps you make better business decisions.

With our ERP system for Construction, each purchase order is loaded into the database containing exact information about unit prices and supplier part numbers. At month end, an electronic invoice is exchanged to automatically reconcile items ordered and quantities received. This electronic exchange means that one invoice corresponds to more than one purchase orders, resulting in a dramatic drop in the number of invoices and disputes over inaccuracy.

The software has been written for Windows©, providing customers with state-of-the-art operating environment and functionality that few, if any, other true Windows products can offer. for Windows, specifically designed for service and construction industry, is fully integrated and the solution is tailored to your needs.

Our dedication is focused to achieve our goal to leave our clients smiling whenever they share their business with us. We have had great experiences with our past clients and look forward to work with many others along our path towards an independent Software Solutions company. We love to communicate with our clients and benefit them with our ERP Software essentials.